Collegium Musicum Berlin

If you attend a concert by the Collegium Musicum Berlin and the stage is practically full, you still only get to see and, above all, hear part of the CM. Two symphony orchestras, two choirs and a big band belong to this fantastic joint institution of Freie Universität and Technische Universität Berlin. We have over 400 members every semester - so you're happy to study a semester or two longer...

The symphony orchestra is one of our oldest ensembles: it has existed since the CM was founded in 1954. As the number of musicians has grown over the decades, so has the repertoire, which initially stuck to Bach and Haydn and now includes great romanticism. The members determine the programs themselves: Only rarely does Donka Miteva have to use her veto as conductor because a work is too difficult for the ensemble.

The symphony orchestra rehearses during the lecture period and brings what it has achieved to Berlin's major stages at the end of the semester. In addition, the orchestra regularly goes on concert tours, for example last summer with the large choir to Vienna, Prague and Budapest. The symphony orchestra's high musical quality is also attested to at competitions: in 2019, it won the Berlin State Orchestra Competition and thus qualified for the 2021 German Orchestra Competition, in which it took part "with very good success".

Can you take part? Yes! We always advertise vacancies on our website before the start of each semester (next time again in April).

Donka Miteva

Donka received her first piano and singing lessons at the age of five in her home town of Sofia/Bulgaria. After leaving school, she fortunately decided against a career in law and instead studied choral and orchestral conducting, first in Sofia and later with Lutz Herbig in Düsseldorf. In master classes she learned from Gianluigi Gelmetti, Kenneth Kiesler, Benjamin Zander, Jorma Panula and Tilo Lehmann, among others, and assisted Lutz Herbig, Grete Pedersen and Thomas Bailly.

Donka's work has been repeatedly recognized with prizes, most recently in 2013 at the Petersburg Competition for Young Choral Conductors (First Prize), in 2014 at the Varna Choir Competition (Best Conductor) and in 2017 at the Berlin Grand Prix of Nations (Best Conducting and Best Interpretation).

From 2007 to 2011, Donka was choir director and conductor at the Städtische Bühnen Münster before the members of the Collegium Musicum elected her as their leader and she swapped the tranquillity of Westphalia for the pulse of Berlin. Since then, she has conducted the Collegium's two choirs and two orchestras. Donka also finds time to teach conducting at the University of Arts. She is also regularly invited to adjudicate at competitions at home and abroad.

When she is not on the podium, Donka can often be found on the rocks (often with the collegium's own climbing group), in the air paragliding or at the top end of her dog Buddy's lead.


Berlin, the vibrant capital of Germany, is not only the home of our orchestra, but also a city full of contrasts and joy of life. Here, history and modernity merge in a fascinating way, with each street block telling a new story. Whether you stroll through the historic streets of the former East and marvel at the relics of times gone by or lose yourself in the splendor of the West, Berlin offers something for everyone. The art and culture scene here is as diverse as the people who animate it. From renowned museums and galleries to alternative creative centers and street art, everyone will find their inspiration in Berlin. And when you've had your fill of high culture, you can always head for the hustle and bustle of one of the more than 1600 kebab stands, where the battle for the best kebab is just as passionate as the battle for the hottest clubs in town. Berlin is a city of possibilities, where dreams are realized and boundaries are crossed. Here you can lose and rediscover yourself at the same time.

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